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The Ultimate Guide To Measure Up Your Dog For New Clothes

by Sunny Sharma 09 May 2022 0 Comments

Do you live with a dog? Learn how to accurately measure your dog to ensure that you obtain your pet's proper size and style.

Humans are not the only ones that wear clothing, style, and fashion. The world has changed and is now more accepting of animals, especially pets, who can easily blend in with people and their daily lives. If you're a dog owner, chances are you've seen chic dog clothes online.

For more than just fashion reasons, you can protect your pets from the elements by putting them in jackets, raincoats and other clothing. Animals don't require clothing, so you don't bother to get them one.

As humans have the right to a better life, so do the animals. One way to give them that is to make them comfortable as much as possible.  If you've ever attempted to put your dog in a costume, but they weren't happy about it, you may want to reconsider.

We're sharing a step-by-step guide for measuring your puppy, regardless of your brand or style preference, to ensure you don't miss the sizing process.

Tips to Measure Different Dog Clothes

Dog Coats and Sweaters

To begin, you'll want a flexible tape measure. If this is not possible, a thread and ruler will suffice. When measuring for outerwear and knitwear, you'll need two measurements: the length of their back and their chest circumference. To determine your dog's back length, start at their neck (where a collar would sit) and measure down their back to the point where their body meets their tail, stopping at the beginning of their tail. Make a note of the measurement; it is critical! 

To determine their girth, begin at the widest area of their chest (usually just behind their front legs) and wrap your tape measure around their top until it meets itself. Make a note of both measures as they will come in handy later.

Do you have their dog's clothing measurements? Great! You are now ready to begin browsing. 


Rainy seasons necessitate the use of raincoats. Even though being soaked in the rain is never fun for our dogs, we don't want to stop them from going for their favorite walks since they could develop a cold. 

As a result, a raincoat is an absolute need. Taking precise measurements is essential if you want a high-quality raincoat. Measuring your dog's chest involves first measuring its neck (neck), then measuring its back (long), and then measuring the largest part of its chest (width) (breadth).Shop Raincoats

Body Harness

If you're concerned about your dog's behaviour while out on a walk, a body harness is an excellent choice. To get the correct fit for your dog's harness, start by taking chest and neck measurements (A) (B). 

Shop Dog Harness

Dog Boots and Socks

Now it's time to take measurements for dog boots and socks! Similarly to outerwear and knitwear, two measurements are needed. Paw width and paw length.. Have your dog's paw flat on the ground and measure its paw from edge to edge to determine its paw width. Paw length is measured from their nails to where their paw is no longer in contact with the ground, keeping it level on the ground. These metrics are just as important as they were previously!

Small, medium and large sizes are used for all of our paw-wear. Don't forget to compare your dimensions to the dog shoe sizing chart!

Some Key Insights and Considerations

Prior to and throughout the measurement procedure, it is important to remember the following:

Before You Measure – Groom First! Grooming your dog is the most important step you can do. If he has a collar on, take it off and use a soft brush to smooth out his coat. Brush its tail as well as its back, and then pat it down. Measuring using a brush is a more precise method.

Length Measurement – To determine your dog's length, follow the dog's backbone from the base of the neck to the tip of the tail. While taking the measurement, make sure your dog is standing erect.

Measuring the Neck: An appropriate neck size is vital since it might create breathing issues and difficulty moving if it's too tight. As a result, ordering one size larger than you normally would is a good idea.

Measurement  the Chest - The chest, or girth, is a vital measurement since it will allow your friend to move freely without any limitations.

Checking Weight- Keeping an eye on your dog's weight is an additional consideration. When it comes to sizing up, your weight is your best friend. So, if you're uncertain, get your friend's weight checked out.

Size Chart for Dogs - Once you've gathered all the essential measurements, a size chart will show you exactly what you need. Compare your pet's measurements to the table of dog measurements provided below.


Dog Type

Neck size (inches)

Back Size (inches)

Chest Size (inches)

Extra Small
















Extra Large




Final Thoughts

If this is your first time purchasing clothes for your dog, it is important to measure your pet to ensure that you obtain the correct size. To prevent wasting money and effort, you must measure the dog's torso precisely. Before placing an online purchase, be sure to review the return and exchange policies. 

Most retailers provide a variety of dimensions from which customers may pick. Please double-check with your dog before purchase to prevent any misunderstandings, and if your dog's size is in the range of two different sizes, you may go with the larger size.

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